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This weekend, curl up with your loved ones and go down the memory lane

This weekend, curl up with your loved ones and go down the memory lane

Remember your first rose, hidden under your desk with that anonymous note? Or that first crush you drooled over for months! Remember how every conversation with your best friend of over two decades is still about the same thing – bunking school to go for movies, saving up pennies to eat from your favourite chaatwallah! How about your first date? Does it still bring a smile on your face? Of course, it does.

As we go along in life, and build ourselves personally and professionally, at some point we realize that what we really hold on to dearly are old memories and people, the feeling of calmness and warmth they bring. Time and again, we go back to where these old things live, because we understand these things without knowing why. So, this weekend, why not curl up with your best friend or partner or even your parents, relive those old memories and rejoice at what we call, life!

Here are 4 movies/web-series that can stir up long-lost memories and bring you nothing but a smile -

1.     Hip Hip Hurray: If you're a late 80s/90s kid and have watched Hip Hip Hurray, we bet DeNobili High School remains a dream school even today! One of the first TV series that put the spotlight on a bunch of 12th graders, their adventures, fears, relationships and hopes, each episode was wonderfully narrated with a strong takeaway! It sure left an impact on everyone's hearts and this was one TV series that even your parents wouldn't have refrained you from watching! Oh, and what about all those butterflies in your stomach, every time you watched the ever-so-dashing Purab Kohli!
2.      Firsts by Dice Media:  Yes, we can still take you back to reminiscence your first crush or relationship with a fresh web-series - "Firsts" by Pocket Aces! It's the story of two youngsters, falling in love with each other! Every episode beautifully captures the significant "firsts" in their relationship - the first time they saw each other, their first conversation, their first date and so much more! It's sure to remind you of all the crazy things you did for your "first" and if your "first" has become your life partner (yes, we root for those stories), this is definitely a must watch. And well, if they haven't, you must still watch to remind yourself of the crazy, innocent soul you are deep down!  The series features popular digital actors Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora and they have been appreciated for their work in the past as well. The duo was popular for their video on ‘Every School Romance’.

3.      PuncchBeat by ALTBalaji: This recent romantic school drama grabbed many eyeballs! After all, it starred eye candies Priyank Sharma and Harshita Gaur and their oh-so-innocent love story. Priyank Sharma is stunningly handsome in his smouldering yet humble look. And throughout the series, his expressive eyes were enough to do the talking! That episode when the beautiful, na├»ve but talented dancer Harshita Gaur meets him and the storyline on how their love story began, will definitely make you go aww! And leave you thinking of similar moment you may have experienced during your school days! Love and art, have so much to offer! No?

4.      Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikhandar: That last scene when Aamir Khan and Deepak Tijori are eyeing the finish line, is so full of greed and power, of desperation and desire – to be better, to do better! Let’s admit – their might not be a single person who didn’t root for Aamir Khan in the final scenes. It’s simply because we’ve all been there and will continue to be there – working hard with utmost honesty, waiting for that recognition, which is yours and yours alone. This movie of love and relationships, struggles and triumphs, is one that every generation must watch! Not to win, but just to understand what whole-hearted participation means! And oh! Can we forget the iconic Pehla Nasha song? Never!


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