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Trailer of Firsts by Dice Media

Trailer of Firsts by Dice Media

Dice Media, the long format storytelling format of Pocket Aces is thrilled to share the trailer of its latest web-series, ‘Firsts’. Starting Saturday, 25th January 2020, a new 1-minute episode will come out at 7 pm every day, on Dice Media’s Instagram page, making it the first-ever series to be premiering in this format on Instagram!

In a bid to capture relatability to a school going audiences and nostalgia for the other audiences, Firsts Season 1 will takes us back to our school life and show the magic of an innocent and tender school romance. Featuring Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora in lead roles, every episode beautifully captures the significant "firsts" in their relationship - the first time they saw each other, their first conversation, their first date and so much more! It's sure to remind you of all the things you did for your "first" and the crazy, innocent soul you are deep down! Rohan and Apoorva are also extremely popular for their video, ‘Every School Romance’. The series also features the very popular Viraj Ghelani and Urvi Singh as secondary leads.

So come, let’s re-live our first love. After all, first love is always the most special!

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