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Shehnaaz thinks Rashami has a good dressing sense

Shehnaaz thinks Rashami has a good dressing sense

Social media may be a boon to some and a bane for others, entertaining for some, boring for others and mesmerizing for some while it seems pointless to others. The celebrity contestants of the Bigg Boss house each have a lot of fans who want to know everything that is going on in their lives. While some contestants might oblige, others may not want to indulge in sharing their personal lives with the world. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Shehnaaz and Vishal discuss their views on social media and the kind of people on it.

Shehnaz begins by saying, “Social media pe bohot active hu, bohot zada. Subh Subh make up karke nah, makeup – mookup karke, glasses laga ke, top badal badal ke cheeze dallti rehti.” She admits to doing this all day when asked by Vishal who himself reveals that he doesn’t like social media at all. He says, “Bas mai uspe dekhte rehta hu kuch na kuch  news wagaira kahi kahi ki cheeze. News ka matlab kuch kuch achi cheeze – books wagaira, kaha pe kya hua. Mai toh ab photos votos bhi nai dalta apne, stories tak nai dalta.”

Shehnaaz opens up and says, “Mai pata hai kya karti hu? Mai photo shoot nai karwati. Taiyaar hona pehele, stylist ko bulao, dresses select karao, yeh – woh, mere se nai latran – patran hote. Chup karke, taiyaar hoke (social media) pe daalo, that’s it. Aur waha se hi copy karke jaane do.” Vishal goes on to confess that he doesn’t even take selfies anymore.

Further during the conversation, Shehnaaz explains how when a person is natural, whether it pertains to acting, or dressing up simply, that person according to her is always successful in life. She feels that you should always keep things natural. She also talks about how she thinks she looks better when she has minimal make – up and dresses simply, and then compliments Rashami on her dressing sense and ability.

Vishal and Shehnaaz seem to have total contrasting views when it comes to social media. Watch them discuss more about the platforms and what their definition of natural is only on Unseen Undekha on VOOT.


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