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Shashi Prakash Chopra's "Suitboy" leaves the audience amazed.

Actor-Producer Shashi Prakash Chopra who’s projects like  “Katran” & ‘The School Bag’ has received lots of praises for its unique concept and storyline  the producer has raised the bar yet another time with his latest project "SuitBoy".

Suitboy is a web-series with the storyline of an invisible superhero & is  directed by Dushyant Kapoor and produced by Shashi Prakash Chopra under the banner of Chopra film studio.

The 1st episode of the 6episodic web series was recently released on Youtube and it has left the fans guessing about whats going to happen in the episodes to come.

“Suitboy will tell us a story of a young boy struggling with  his career to become a singer and how he turns into a invisible superhero. I wanted to make an experimental superhero series to explore the relation between a father and son” says actor-director Dushyant Kapoor.

Shashi Prakash Chopra will too be seen in the film, he plays the Suitboy's father which is a very prominent character in the web series. "When Dushyant first came to me with the story I knew I had to make this web series but he had one condition that he wanted me to play the leads father and I agreed to it." said actor

When asked Dushyant about working with Shashi Prakash Chopra he said, “I will never forget the time I have spent with him, he was such an amazing jolly man on the set and believe me I am very lucky to have him in the show. Suitboy wouldn’t be possible without him.”

Suitboy’s first episode is out on Youtube on DK Films and the next episode will be out in the following week.

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