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Over 50 s Kriketwarld announced the team for the cup

India Today Cricket Club of India (CCI), Mumbai Menovr 50 s Cricket declared World lap Liaapane 16-man squad. The team included mainly Ranji Trophy and club players who play at international level. Tough selection lasted four days, was selected team members after the procedure.

Team Selection Members of Indiaovr 50 s Association (Which is leading the initiative) and captain Ed Man Shailendra was Sinhdwara. Chunigi Timis follows: Shailendra Singh (captain), Mayank Khandwala, oriented Ananta, Tusharjaveri, Ashwani Arora, Preetinder Singh, Adilchagla, PG beautiful, Pradip Patel, Verinder Bhumbla, Thomas George, Sanjay Beri, Deepak Chadha, Dilip Chavn and Srikanth include Satya.

The team consists of Ranji players like Iqbal Khan, PG beautiful and Sanjay Berry. Iqbal also vice-captain of Khantim. 16-man squad went to the presence of actor Sunil Shetty. Sunil Shetty just a big fan of cricket, not merely FERIT Cricket Bash also his initiative. FERIT Cricket Bash was launched with the previous year cricket veteran Zaheer Khan. Sunil Shetty Celebrity Mumbai captain of Heroes team in the league.
He said, "Over 50 s World Cup involvement in India is very happy. Always, I'm convinced that nobody likes to do what he should not stop her work. And this tournament cricket passion gives the chance to grow in a country where the game includes every person and the road! "

Over 50 s Cricket World Kpmen India play their first match on March 5, against England in 2020. India is the first time over the 50 s Cricket World Kpmen part. Her Pool 'B' has been placed with countries like Pakistan, England and South Africa. Pool A includes countries such as Australia, West Indies, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Shailendra Singh as the Indian captain is very happy with his team. "The country was to proud we could not have picked a better team. Each player brings the experience of decades of life than cricket with. Which will help us to build a strong team. Training Seasons for we have prepared Ktinrutin. we are eagerly looking forward to come in full swing! "

India Over 50 s Association President Ajay Royne said, "Manbart the over 50 s to the cricket map was determined from. The team is extremely satisfying to see while gradually shape. Certain increase in each member of the sensitivity team Kregi. I'm sure you proud of your country Kuckrenge all by your side. "


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