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Krushna will be proud of Arti’s performance in a task

With the end nearing soon, the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are striving to out-perform their peers in the tasks each week. However, the competition seems to end once the task is completed and the contestants never fail to compliment and appreciate others’ performance. In the latest episode of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Shehnaaz and Arti in a candid conversation about Arti’s recent performance in a task. 

While lounging on the bed and chatting, Shehnaaz speaks up, “Yaar, ek baat bolu tujhe? Mereko teri performance badi sahi lagi thi yaar.” Arti complains, “Tujhe meri performance achi nahi lagi, teri performance me maine teri tareef ki thi.” 

On hearing this, Shehnaaz admits, “Kasam lage, jab tune shuruwat ki hai nah, mujhe nai pata tha ki tere me itna talent hai. Shuruwat me hi pata chal gaya tha, kuch badhiya karegi kyuki banda guess maar leta hai.” She describes herself and says, “Mai aisi ladki hu ki mera kuch karte karte hi mood change ho jata hai. Mai swing maar jaati hu mood pe kabhi bhi. Tu hai, tu puri character me thi. Tune pura character me play kiya hai. Puri line ratti huyi thi tujhe.”

Arti replies, “Haan mujhe ratti huyi thi. Par maine ratti bhi nai thi, maine woh soch ke rakha tha kiske baad kya, kiske baad kya.” Shehnaaz knowingly smiles and says, “Govinda ki Bhatiji! Izzat rakhi li tune.” Arti then reveals how Siddharth commented on how when her cousin Krushna will watch her performance, he will be so happy! 

It seems that the hidden talents of all the contestants are getting revealed one after the other in the Bigg Boss house. We hope Arti reaches new heights and grows her talents, watch Unseen Undekha on VOOT to catch all the latest gossip in the Bigg Boss house.


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