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Iti Acharya's next on father-daughter bond.

Actress Iti Acharya has always been very wise while selecting her projects, she believes in telling stories through her work. Her next project 'Aashiq Phir Ek Baar' also has a very special message to share. The short film revolves around the relationship between a father and a daughter and how the daughter played by Iti Acharya  helps her dad in brining him closer to his dream of acting.

"I believe that movies are a very good medium to propagate messages in the society and its our duty as actors to play such relatable characters and leave the audience  with a thought provoking message. Aashiq phir ek Baar too has a sweet message embeded in it. The movie showcases how a daughter tries her best  to  help her father in fulfilling his long lost dream of becoming an actor." said the actress.

"When I was first narrated this story I knew I wanted to be apart of it, Mr.Kiran Sudarshaan has very beautifully written and directed it I am very excited to know what my fans have to say about it."  

The short film coveys a message that age is no bar in fulfilling one's dream and passion it also depicts the strong bond between a father and his daughter. The film is written and directed by Kiran Sudarshaan and produced by Kiran Sudarshaan and Murali Swamy.It has actors like Krishna Hebbale, Iti Acharya, Prashant Jade, Abhinay Kolalmath and Manoj Kumar.



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