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Housemates discuss what kind of girl Siddharth likes Bigg Boss S13 has always been in news for helping the contestants make some profound connections and in some cases things go the other way around.

In Season 13, the viewers have got to witness glimpses of the good, the bad and the ugly side of such connections inside the house. Even Siddharth has been seen teasing around with the ladies, one after the other right from Devoleena to Madhurima and also shares a spcial connection with Shehnaaz. Now in the latest clip of VOOT’s Unseen Undekha, catch the inmates discuss what kind of a girl Siddharth likes. 

Asim initiates the converation and questions Shehnaaz, ‘Tune Siddharth ko nahi pucha usko kaisi ladki chahiye?’
Shehnaaz pulls Siddharth’s leg here and responds ‘Tu usko ye puch le ki tune nominate kis kisko kiya hai woh nahi bataega.’ She further adds, ‘Woh to ye bolta hai main virgin hun, sab kuch karke bhi bolega virgin hu. Toh tu aise ladke se kya expectations rakh sakta hai ki tujhe kya batega.’ 

Shehnaaz taunts Siddharth and further mentions ‘Usne muh pe bola us din hum truth and dare khel rahe the kehta maine toh kabhi kuch kiya nahi main toh virgin hun. Ye virgin hai toh fir hum kya hain, ye banda matlab mere sath rehke bhi mere sath kuch share nahi karta koi choti si bhi cheez inke baare mein (pointing at Siddharth and Shefali) toh woh tujhe kya batega ki ladki kaisi chahiye.’

Reacting to this, Shefali quips ‘Siddharth ko ladki kaisi chahiye woh mujhe pata hai.’ Shehnaaz imediately asks ‘Kaisi Chahiye’ to which Shefali responds ‘Woh toh main nahi bata sakti. Woh toh Siddharth hi bataega.’ 
Shehnaaz then takes a guess and declares ‘Isko main batati hun ki kaisi ladki chahiye. Isko chahiye bilkul iske jaisi decent jo bakwaas na karti ho logical baatein karti ho.’ Asim, who is also around does not agree at all with Shehnaaaz and says ‘Isko decent ladki toh nahi chahiye.’ Later in the video, Shehnaaz, Shefali recall the ‘Aisi Ladki’ remark and go on to tease Siddharth by repeating the dialog. 

Watch this interesting conversation and all the sneak peek from Bigg Boss S13, exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha!


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