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Chup rehke kuch faayda nahi hota, you have to voice out: Madhurima Tuli

The Bigg Boss house recently witnessed a huge brawl as ex-lovers Vishal and Madhurima got into yet another argument and turned up the heat quotient inside the house. Now, in an Unseen Undekha clip on VOOT, Madhurima is seen revealing her personality traits during a light-hearted conversation with Rashami.   

In the garden area, Rashami tells Madhurima that she is agile minded. Reacting to the statement, Madhurima recalls that she used to be like that earlier, and further asks ‘Chanchal matlab jaise ki?’
Rashami here mentions that she feels Madhurima is quite a fun loving person to which Madhurima responds ‘Main pehle nahi thi. Pehle main shaant rehti thi.’ When Rashami refuses to agree, Madhurima goes on to reveal ‘Han han main bata rahi hun na. Main chup rehne wali ladki thi ekdum. Teachers meri Mummy ko aake bolte the ki aapki bati hamesha chup kyu rehti hai.’ 

Not just this, she further adds ‘Par kya hota hai chup rehke na kuch faayda nahi hota hai, you have to voice out. You have to be a little more sparky and spunky. Jaise Mahira aur mere beech mein competition hua toh Mahira kyu jeeti because she was more spunky and lively and all that.’ Later in the video, a carefree Madhu also mentions ‘Maine Bigg Boss enter karne se pehle yahi socha tha that I will be more fun loving and lively. Dekhi jaegi jo hoga.’ 

Well, looks like Madhurima has undergone a total transformation and the fans are loving this version of her already. It will be interesting to see what card she plays next to show us that sparky and spunky side of hers. Tune-in to Unseen Undekha and watch the unfiltered video, anytime and anywhere exclusively on VOOT!


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