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Call Waiting: Viral happening will sing gold Mahapatra

Call Waiting: Viral happening will sing gold Mahapatra

Recent releases of Bollywood Singer Sona Mohapatra in the news for different reasons over the past few days is a song viral plenty these days. The song "Call Waiting on Rkda is what hit on YouTube. The song has been a long time since magic voice of gold. Release on Zee Music Company YouTube channel on December 17, the song has seen so far 715, 200 people. The music video appeared human Chhabra and ashna Hegde, who is speaking up head attitude-magic people.


The song has Produs the business head Anurag Bedi Zee Music and Chirag Arora directed. In fact, this song is that story between them Love Birds, makes a phone always waiting. There is concern that other such similar thing gold is expressed through the song. The song is getting plenty extremely Kubsrt, which people love. The songs are beautiful lyrics Kumar and composer rich and Jain Sam.


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