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“Bunker is an emotional film and needs to be seen with same sentiments as the Jawans” - Bunker movie Director Jugal Raja voices

“Bunker is an emotional film and needs to be seen with same sentiments as the Jawans” - Bunker movie Director Jugal Raja voices

 In cinemas now across India, film establishes a communication between a soldier and his family

 ·         100% of the profits to be dedicated to AWWA & Bharat Ke Veer

·         Movie released on 17th Jan 2020

Mumbai 17th Jan 2020:"Bunker is what we want to tell our families which we cannot tell otherwise. Bunker moved us as it tried to communicate our feelings and bridge our feelings to the audience", voiced an army jawaan at the special screening for Army Jawaans at Films Division, Delhi at the onset of the release of the film. It was attended by 30 Jawaans from ADGTA in Delhi. Bunker released today in theaters across the country and has announced 100% profits towards Army Wives Welfare Association and Bharat Ke Veer. This is an emotional film, based on real emotions of soldiers with its heart in the right place. Bunker is winning hearts especially with the armed forces because of it's a topic which they can relate very well. It’s a story of wars we know and the wars we don’t know which are being fought by the soldiers in their minds and on the borders.

Bunker is an excellent example of an Indie film made on small budget, independent films making brave attempts and trying to be honest to what they want to say. Public has become intelligent to identify when a filmmaker is trying to commercialize content, Bunker lies on the other side of the spectrum where the filmmaker is making an attempt to give out a simple message of a soldiers mind and his feelings and longing for his family.

Writer- Director Jugal Raja opined, "We expect the audience to understand what soldiers feel. This film is an emotional film and needs to be seen with same sentiments as the Jawans on and off the screen are going through. Bunker is a communication between a soldier and his family. What a young army jawaan cannot tell civilians and his family is what Bunker does by making it a cinematic piece of art. It's the responsibility of the masses to see and understand the underlying thought behind the movie.” He further added, “The movie brings out the emotional quotient of an Army Soldiers life. It draws instances from lives of several army officers and depicts a biography of millions of souls serving our country.”

95% of the movie was shot in a 12 by 8 feet Bunker in a record 5 days! The Bunker, here is used as a metaphor for a soldiers mind which is always at conflict with the thought of having to stay away from family and duty towards the country, and it will definitely give you a feel of patriotism. 96% of the soldiers feel discussing mental health or accepting any mental health problems holds a big stigma. There are approximately 1.4 million soldiers in India and 100 soldiers have committed suicide every year since 2003.

Presented by Wagging Tail Entertainment, Produced by Falcon Pictures Production, and a Vakoo nationwide release, Bunker - Written and Directed by Jugal Raja, starring Abhijeet Singh and ArinditaKalita in the lead roles released on 17th January 2019.

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