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Bigg Boss inmates talk about their tattoo dreams

Getting inked is like a guilty pleasure and it is said that once you get a tattoo, you’ll most probably get a second one, then a third and so on. Most Hollywood and Bollywood stars have tattoos that represent things close to their heart. Similarly, the celebrity contestants in the Bigg Boss house either have or have dreamed of getting a tattoo. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Paras, Vishal and the other contestants talk about their favourite tattoo artist ad what tattoo do they dream of getting.

Paras makes an announcement for the other contestants that if anyone of them wants to get a tattoo, they should let him know. He later adds that he’ll get the tattoo done for free for everyone through his fan who also made his tattoo while Mahira mentions that even one of her friends is a tattoo artist.

Asim asks Paras if he has a tattoo to which he replies, “Haan, Owl hai nah mere peeche, dekha tha tune.”  

“Owl bhi payara lagega, Justin Beiber ne bhi owl banaya hai yaha pe,” Asim notes while pointing towards his bicep. He expresses how he loves colored tattoo while Vishal says he wants a black one.

Paras goes on to compliment his tattoo artist and then confesses, “Mera mann tha ki mai kabhi tattoo karaunga life me to Miami me jaakar karvaunga, ‘Miami Ink’ se. That is the best tattoo place to have.” Shefali agrees with Paras as he compliments their art. On hearing this, Vishal admits, “Mereko - Van Bolt, geometric tattoo banata hai, electronic geometric tattoo banata hai. Mera bhi dream hai ki mujhe bhi us se tattoo karwana hai. Black ink sirf use karta hai, aur koi colors nai.” 

Shefali comments on how her husband Parag too, wants to get a geometric tattoo of a lion on his chest going on to his arm to show off his well-built body. 

Listening to all the inmates talk about their tattoo dreams makes us want to get one too, doesn’t it? Wondering is Paras’s fan would make a free tattoo for you too? Tune in to unseen Undekha exclusively on VOOT and listen to the contestants talk a more about the kind of tattoo they want.


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