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Akriti Khatri AKA Nancy Drew turns motivator for young college girls.

Akriti Khatri AKA Nancy Drew turns motivator for young college girls.

Detective Akriti Khatri who is also known as India's very own Nancy Drew recently turned a motivator for young college going girls in Delhi. Akriti has began training college students and providing them with knowledge they need to know about the detective field.

"College students are very eager to learn new things and they surely are quick learners so I thought why not give them some indepth and better understanding about the subject." said detective Akriti Khatri.

With 70% of her staff being women, she furthermore provides opportunities to more women to come and learn and gain hands-on experience about what situations they need to face on daily basis and how do they solve them.

"When I began my career in the detective field it was a male dominant space, I had to face alot of troubles on daily basis inorder to move up the ladder and I understood that after some time that would not be possible for me to continue working in such environment, so I left and began working from grass root level with 'Venus Detective'...though it was not easy at the start by yes I feel accomplished to be at the position that I am today and there is a long way forward."

"My main motive behind training young women is to provide the young aspirants with a platform where they could come and learn the workings on a case and how do we work on daily basis inorder to reach to the bottom of every case." said Ms.Khatri

Akriti's 'Venus Detective' is headquarted at Noida,Delhi with branches in Mumbai,Pune,Kolkata,Bangalore etc. With more than 10 years of experience she surely has alot of wisdom to share with the young minds.


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