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Vikas Gupta shares an ultimate sleeping hack

Vikas Gupta shares an ultimate sleeping hack

Season 13 of Bigg Boss continues to carry forward its legacy of unlimited entertainment, especially now when Vikas Gupta, the mastermind has boarded the celebrity express mid-way. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Vikas Gupta is seen having a fun conversation with the inmates where the much celebrated ex-contestant shares his experiences of secretly sleeping in the luggage area.  

Vikas starts the discussion, ‘Pehle pata hai kya karte the hum log sone ke liye! Blanket lete the, aur luggage ke beech mein jaakar chup chap sumdi mein so jaate the.’ Reacting to Vikas’s revelation, Madhurima asks him if he never got caught to which Vikas responds ‘Pata nahi lagta tha. Fir beech mein pata lagne laga.’

In his response, Vikas recalls his days from Season 11 and shares how everyone in the house, specially the captain, used to get confused trying to figure out who was sleeping.  Vikas further adds that the captain and inmates literally had to call out ‘Kaun so raha hai’ to find out if someone was secretly sleeping during the day. Here, the carefree Shehnaz along with Mahira point out that the bathroom is also a nice place to doze off.  

Known for sleeping during odd hours, Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau curiously asks Vikas Gupta how he managed to do it and Vikas quips ‘Bas luggage ke peeche chup chaap aise so jao.’ Shehnaz appreciates Vikas for sharing the hack with them and says it’s a good idea. During the discussion, Vikas Phatak shares that he takes a nap behind the two Sofas placed at the corner outside as nobody can spot him there.  

Being the mastermind that he is, Vikas Gupta then tells Bhau that it’s not a good spot because even if anyone else can’t see him, he can’t really hide from the cameras. Later in the conversation, Vikas gives an ultimate hack on how to sleep inside the bathroom. Shehnaz  also joins the interesting conversation here and expresses that she used to do such mischiefs back in her school days.

Well, Vikas’s entry has undoubtedly brought back the energy and those ‘tricky vibes’ in the house and it will be interesting to see who is he going to target in the coming days. Watch the complete video, exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha and enjoy the uncut, unfiltered action from Bigg Boss S13!


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