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Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau feels a Wild card entry is coming soon

Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau feels a Wild card entry is coming soon 

Mahira feels there should be no more wild card entries

Kitne wild cards aaenge? Paras questions Vikas 

Season 13 of Bigg Boss has undoubtedly delivered its promise of double the fun, banter and next level entertainment, especially after the unexpected wild card entries that changed the whole dynamics. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Paras and Mahira are seen explaining wild card entrant Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau that there won’t be any more wild card entries. 

Vikas starts the conversation saying ‘Mereko bhi lag raha hai Wild card aaega koi na koi.’ Paras immediately reacts ‘Kitne wild card aaenge? 7 wild card aa chuke hain.’ Vikas then questions ‘Toh kya hogaya’? to which Mahira points out that the wild card entries are only for once. Here, Vikas mentions to both Mahira and Paras ‘Kyuki abhi Dhai mahina (2 and a half months) badha hai.’ 

Trying to count the math behind the number of weeks left in the show, Paras quips ‘Toh? Log kitne hain, 12. Aur bache kitne hain, 6 hafte.’ Meanwhile Mahira, who is always seen supporting Paras, expresses ‘Aur apko pata hai wild card kyun aate hain. Wild card isliye aate hain kyuki show ko aur zyada zaroorat hoti hai extra masala ki.’ 

Paras calls in Sidharth to give his views and tells him ‘According to previous thing, 6 hafte bache hai na because 9th week chal raha hai.’ Sidharth further responds to Paras’s concern ‘Han but previous nahi na. Abhi toh bata diya na 15th Feb. Toh 6 hafte aur. Abhi aur 10 hafte hain.’  

Coming back to the main point of discussion, Mahira pulls Bhau’s leg and again mentions ‘Aur Wild Card means aapke show ko aur masale ki zaroorat hai. Humara already itna accha jaa raha hai aur itne saare log aa chuke hain pehle hi.’ 
After Mahira’s statement, Paras subtly expresses that the wild card entries are just enjoying readymade fame. This does not go well with Vikas and he extends a piece of advice to Paras and Mahira. ‘Tumhare ko humara pair (leg) dho ke paani peena mangta hai.’ 

Well, this is not it, an agitated Vikas calls in Vishal to join him against Paras and Mahira and the teasing continues further. Watch the complete clip and find out what the contestants feel about yet another wild card entry in the Bigg Boss House, exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha.


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