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Tinder releases a Year in Swipe: What 2019 taught us about how Gen Z meets new people in India

Tinder releases a Year in Swipe: What 2019 taught us about how Gen Z meets new people in India

Mumbai, Dec 5, 2019: 2019 was an eventful year. Travel was big, Game of Thrones released its final season, India almost played another ICC World Cup Final, Indian Hip Hop had a moment (we’re coming, Oscars), Ariana Grande gave moving on a new meaning and the country witnessed an election.

In fact, 2019 was the year that Gen Z took Tinder by storm: people between 18 and 25 now officially represent the majority of the Tinder community. Which means one thing, if you want to see how the next generation is ‘catching feelings’, expressing themselves and meeting new people, we’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, Tinder presents its Year in Swipe.

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#Goals: 2019 Swiped Right to Travel

Travel wins big this year with the number one spot as most mentioned in bios in India and the term Wanderlust trailing close behind. Travel won so big, that even Tinder sent its top users to Italy for the summer. If the next few terms are anything to go by, Gen Z is staying authentic by speaking to each other in the slang of their generation. This means they stan lit matches with whom they can spill the tea. Don’t mean to flex, but here are the 12 top terms used in bios on Tinder in 2019.

2019 Top Tinder Terminology In India

?       Travel

?       Lit

?       Stan

?       Tea

?       Wanderlust

?       Flex

?       Woke

?       Low Key

?       Salty

?       Snacc

?       Hangry

?       High key

#MakeaDifference: Looking for Matches who Stan the same things

We at Tinder think the next generation of daters doesn’t use woke in their bios lightly. 2019 didn’t only see Matches, but also Marches. The environment was the number one mentioned cause-related word on Tinder; blame it on the AQI, or activists around the world, but words that hinted Gen Z is advocacy-driven were trending in Tinder bios in 2019.

2019 Top Trending Cause Related Words in India

?       Environment

?       Equality

?       Volunteer

?       Climate Change

?       Article 377

?       Make A difference

?       Cancelled

?       Fridays for Future

Tinder’s Hall of Femme

2019 saw Indian women bringing it; (Lilly Singh landed a late-night show) and India’s Tinder community was here for it. Taking a moment for Feminism as one of the top trending words mentioned in bios in 2019. Icons Arianne Grande and Beyonce were mentioned 3x more by Gen Z than Millenials and eternal gratitude to the former for her moving on catchphrase which slid in at number 4.


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