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‘Some people here don’t understand the meaning of friendship’, Mahira tells Shehnaz

‘Some people here don’t understand the meaning of friendship’, Mahira tells Shehnaz

The growing fondness between Shehnaz and Sidharth led the viewers and Twitterati to believe that something might just be cooking between them. But then came a twist in the tale when Shehnaz confessed her love for Paras after his recent exit. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Mahira and Shehnaz are seen discussing about the issue in detail.

During the conversation, Mahira explains Shehnaz ‘Agar suppose kabhi main gayi aur tune bola ki main Mahira se pyaar karti hun toh uss cheez ko galat nahi liya jaega kyuki main ladki hun. Par ab Paras gaya tune uss cheez par ab ye bola hai ki main usse pyaar karti hunt oh uss cheez ko audience galat hi legi.’ Mahira also adds that this is ought to happen because Paras is a boy.  

Mahira continues to share ‘Toh dosti ka matlab yaha pe bahut logo ko samajh nahi aata. Usko explain hum nahi kar sakte.’ Shehnaz patiently listens and responds ‘Ek baat bolu, mera pyar woh wala nahi tha’ to which Mahira reacts that she knows what Shehnaz is truing to say here.  But Shehnaz doesn’t stop here, she goes on to justify her confession and expresses ‘Do mahine rahi hun na toh yaar agar koi ghar se bahar ja raha hai apna banda’. Mahira intervenes here and points out ‘Maine aur kya clear kiya hai. Ab kal ko mujhe pata hai ki agar woh mera dost hai lekin kuch log apni hi soch mein kuch na kuch banate honge, usse farak nahi padta hai.’

Here, Shehnaz winks purposely in the camera and clarifies her confession, ‘Mujhe ye baat clear karwani hai ki matlab maine aise toh nahi bola, doosri feeling tu hi samajh sakti hai na ye toh.’  A concerned Mahira then advices Shehnaz in a taunting way. She says ‘Toh agar tumne yaha par ro diya aur fir tumne roke ye bol diya ki mujhe pyaar hai toh uska matlab galat hi nikala jaega agar tumhare dil mein kuch nahi hai uske bawjood bhi.’

Later in the video, Shehnaz hints at missing Paras a lot as she jokes around with Mahira. Will their bond go stronger once Paras is back in the game or will Shehnaz keep quiet and follow Mahira’s suggestion, only time will tell. Tune in to Unseen Undekha and watch the complete video, exclusively on VOOT!


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