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Rashami pours her heart out, says she can’t hurt anyone

Rashami pours her heart out, says she can’t hurt anyone

Bigg Boss and controversies go hand in hand. Fights, name-calling, personal rivalries and startling revelations, Season 13 has had it all with a long journey still to go before the finale. However, Rashami Desai is one contestant who has been very calm and composed throughout the season. Now, in an Unseen Undekha video on VOOT, Rashami Desai is seen discussing the reason behind the same with Vikas Gupta.

Vikas starts the conversation in the presence of Madhurima and mentions ‘Humari personanlities kaafi similar hain in terms of giving and in terms of love.’ Responding to Vikas’s statement Rashami points out ‘Giving and somewhere what you think, I think the same way. But the beauty about you is that you know how to execute it. I don’ t like to execute it.’

Here, wild card entrant Madhurima enters the conversation and shares ‘Jab evict ka hua tha na tab no one was talking to me properly. Sab log na aise ignore kar rahe the. Referring to Rashami and Vikas, a thankful Madhurima further adds ‘She never ignored and you never ignored. You were just jaise pehle the waise hi, baki sab dekh ke aise nikal rahe the ki matlab jaane wali hai.’

Reacting to Madhurima’s concern, Rashami shares that when Arhaan asked her why Madhurima is not coming out, she told him that she knows Madhurima and she will come out, but what does he expect from her from the first week. Here, Rashami also expresses that she was the only one who said Madhurima won’t get evicted.

Later in the conversation, Vikas tells Madhurima ‘Rashami na, jisko pyaar karti hai uske liye itna protective hoti hai ki woh apni har conversation mein usko accha dikhane ki koshish karti hai, jo ki main karta raha hun life bhar.’

Rashami then goes on to talk about her trait and adds, ‘Mera na ek cheez hai I don’t know I am pouring my heart out. Main kisika bura nahi kar sakti hun. Mujhse hota nahi hai. Main kya karti hun ya toh silently cheezein karti hun ya fir complete hat jati hun.’

In his response, master mind Vikas Gupta quips ‘Chalo ek baat batata hun. Koi bhi cheez karogi na life main tum kisi ka bura toh hoga. Tumne ye chai pee ya last jo Sohan papdi khai tumne kisi ka toh bura kiya jisko khaani thi usko nahi mili.’Vikas then comes up with a priceless advice for Rashami and suggests ‘Always look things from the perspective that any action that you take which does not hurt anyone else mentally, physically or emotionally, you are allowed to do.’

Will Vikas’s advice help Rashami get out of her own shadow and perform better? Watch the complete video, exclusively on Unseen Undekha, anytime anywhere on VOOT! 


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