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Rashami is unhappy with Shehnaaz, says ‘Woh Zindagi Bhar Roegi’!

Rashami is unhappy with Shehnaaz, says ‘Woh Zindagi Bhar Roegi’!

Bigg Boss S13 has broken all records of popularity and viewerships and the credit goes to the interesting twists and one after the other shocking incidents in this year’s celebrity express. One recent incident that came to light is Rashami’s hairline fracture. In the latest clip of VOOT’s Unseen Undekha, inmates are seen having a serious discussion with Rashami about her decision of walking out from the show.      

Talking about the reaction of Shehnaaz and other members on Rashami’s injury, Shefali comments ‘Itne mein lag gayi? Are yaar tum thoda compassion rakho. Jo bhi hua hai tumse hi hua hai na jiski wajah se kisiki ungli mein fracture ho gaya hai. She further blames Shehnaaz’s outlook and says ‘Aapko andar se thoda bhi sorry nahi hai.’

Rashami responds to Shefali saying she would not like to promote such aggression in the house. She adds ‘Nahi yaar I would not want to promote such shit yaar. Meko pata hai bahar bhi unhone mere liye kuch accha kiya nahi hoga. Mujhe toh woh bhi jaake jawaab dene hain. Saala idhar bhi do udhar bhi do.’Arhaan, who is back again in the show tries to calm down Rashami and comments ‘Arey kuch jawaab nahi dene baba. Relax karo aap, chill karo. Itna dimaag pe mat lo load.

Shefali, who is now playing the game on her own conditions specifies ‘Kyuki yaha pe kisi ke bhi kanpatti pe pistol nahi rakhi hai. Pehle baat karo, fir decide karo jo karna hai woh. Tum ye mat socho ki tumko kaise dikha rahe hain and tum kaise dikh rahi ho.’ To this, Rashami further clarifies ‘Nahi woh toh sochti hi nahi hun main. Meko patience bhi hai bahut beyond their imagination. Par kya hai na fir agar main karne pe aai, main bahut silently karti hun.’

Shefali then points out that patience is sometimes considered to be your weakness in the house. But the very next moment, Rashami makes it very clear that she is going to keep silent and will definitely give it back. She quips, ‘Bahut silently karungi inke baap ko bhi nahi pata chalega aur woh zindagi bhar roegi.’

Meanwhile, Himanshi who is also considered to be a major rival of Shehnaaz shares her feelings about her fight with Shehnaaz where she pushed her. She expresses ‘Daant padi meko ki han main ek rule toda, usko dhakka maar diya. Lekin ye dekho ki mere andar 11-12 months ki frustration bhari hui thi. Further pointing out at Shehnaaz, Himanshi adds ‘Aur uska abhi bhi chalu hai’.  

Watch the complete clip, exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha and find out what else is bothering Rashami and what she has to say about quitting the show.


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