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Paras has a special punishment for Asim

Paras has a special punishment for Asim

With every passing day in Bigg Boss S13, the stakes are getting higher for the celebrity contestants not just inside the house but in the secret room as well. Recently, Asim and co. have been seen having a gala time after the temporary exit of Paras and Sidharth. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Paras is seen strategizing and telling Sidharth how he is going to punish everyone who breaks the house rules once he is back in the show.  

Paras starts the conversation by pointing out that Sidharth did not punish anyone during his captaincy and mentions that he has already thought of interesting ways to punish the rule offenders. Sidharth who is now in good terms with Paras responds, ‘Kaam kiya sabne. Agar nahi karte toh main dand deta, but aisa kuch tha nahi.’

Reacting to this, Paras says that he will punish everyone who is found sleeping and further adds ‘Mere dimag mein 5-6 dand hain badhiya badhiya. Aisa dand dunga, which is doable but irritating and time taking.’ He goes on to reveal a special punishment for Asim. Paras quips, ‘Asim ke liye ek dand hai mere pass. Body banane ka bahut shauk hai na, aaja beta. Hath mein bowl dunga, paani bharunga and then sit-ups maar 25. Agar paani ka ek boond bhi chalka, 10 sit-ups add.’

Well, we all know that taking a proper sleep has always been a problem for the celebs inside the house and Paras has a special solution for this as well.  A cunning Paras exclaims ‘Aur jo zyada soega, sab blankets hata dunga aur lagwaunga. Jaha ek silhouette dikhi, sab nikal dunga firse lagana padega.’

Later in the discussion, Paras mentions ‘Sabke hisab se hai, Shefali ke liye mere pass ek hai, Jariwala ke liye. Bathroom mein jaunga shave lotion leke, poora foam hi foam, karo saaf karo. Ekdum neat and clean chamak jaana chahiye.’  While sharing this, he expresses ‘Par Bigg Boss ko bolna padega us cheez ke liye ki jo dand nahi maanega Paras ko power hogi usko nominate karne ki.’

Later in the video, Paras is seen talking about a special kind of punishment, only for the girls while Sidharth listens to him patiently. Watch the complete video exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha and get set for a roller coaster ride as Paras and Sidharth prepare for their return soon.


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