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"NANDI" by Master Artist Vivek Kumavat in aid of The Nargis Dutt Foundation

"NANDI" by Master Artist Vivek Kumavat in aid of The Nargis  Dutt Foundation

Inauguration by Chief Guest Mrs. Priya Dutt & Guest of Honor Mrs. Bina Aziz and Talat Aziz

Exhibition also saw the presence of Arzan Khambatta. Aakif and Iram Habib, Kayur Patel, Farhana Vohra, Nubarakka Lokhandwala, Kalpana Saxena, Leena Singh, Rajiv Popley, Avinash and Gayatri , Aly and Yasmin Morani , Parvez Damania , Radhika Seksaria  &, Usha Agarwal.

Date- 2nd Dec to 8th Dec, Monday till Sunday
Time- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Venue- Jehangir Art Gallery - 161 B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

Vivek Kumavat’s art is instantly recognizable and has a spontaneous recall value for Indian art connoisseurs as all his works are created around the icon of the majestic Indian Bull. Most of his work decorates the walls of Indian & World leaders.

Vivek Kumavat hails from a small town where domesticated animals are seen everywhere. Out of these, the bull captured his attention towards its hefty built, characteristic traits and its important place in Indian mythology and moreover its universal recognition as a zodiac sign.

“We all are a part of nature and every human trait can be traced inanimates in the nature. It is surprising that even though animals cannot speak, almost all of them can project the characteristics similar to human being only by their physical gestures. One such animal is the bull, whom I observed closely from human nature point of view. And it is no wonder that it represents human trait in zodiac ring where it is called Taurus.”

Bull is a perfect symbol of mental and physical endurance.

In this series along with its utility Vivek has concentrated on the holy position that it holds in Indian mythology. In Indian mythology bull has a special significance of being the vahanaor the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Its holy name is Nandi and it is completely devoted to the Lord and therefore we find Nandi placed at the entrance of Lord Shiva’s temple. Prayer at Lord Shiva’s temple is incomplete without reverence to Nandi.

To create the religious and mythical aura, Vivek has painted figures on the body of bulls, in this series. The colours are chosen to project the ancient Indian painting style. Some of the paintings have plain coloured bulls but the canvas have figure on it.

Bull is truly an inspiring animal with its healthy body and mind. Vivek mentions that he gets positive vibration on seeing the magnetic and gigantic built of a bull. Its positive charisma nullifies negativity and helps to develop positive attitude in life.  

Vivek concludes by saying "I would like to sum up by saying that to uplift your spirit, develop and follow the bull’s spirit, because it is a troupe of humanity”

About Vivek Kumavat- Born in 1977, Vivek Kumavat did his graduation in Fine Arts from the prestigious Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai and is currently based out of Mumbai. The creative genius has put his solo shows to display at - Sir J.J. Applied Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2001; Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2002; Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai- 2002 ; Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai (Sponsor, Women’s India Trust) in 2004 ; Triveni Kala Sangam Art Gallery, New Delhi in ; Art entrance art gallery, Mumbai  in 2008  ; Renaissance art gallery, Bangalore in 2009 ; Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2011.

His group shows includes-  Group Show, F 1 PIT BUILDING Singapore; Group show – at MCA Club, BKC, Mumbai in 2010; Group Show India Art festival 2011, Mumbai in 2011; Group Show colors 2011 Coomaraswamy Prince of Wales Museum, Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2012; Group Show India Art festival 2012, BKC Mumbai in 2012; Group Show colors 2012 Coomaraswamy Prince of Wales Museum in 2012; Group show colures 2013 at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2013; Group Show India Art festival 2013, Nehru center Mumbai in 2013; Group Show, brush storks 2014 Deccan,Taj Deccan Hyderabad in 2014 Group Spring fest (art nouveau) Gurgaon in 2014; Group Show small is beautiful (art noveau) Epic center Gurgaon  in 2014; Group Show palette 2014, Fountainhead leadership center Alibaug in 2014; Group Show colors 2014 Coomaraswamy Prince of Wales Museum in 2014  ; Group Show colors screen art show Dubai in 2014; Group Show India Art festival 2014, Nehru center Mumbai in 2014; Group Show DUBAI art fair 2015 at Oberoi hotel Dubai in 2015; India art festival 2016 ,at Nehru center Mumbai in 2015; India art festival 2016 at Delhi in 2016; Group show global art Dubai at Oberoi hotel in 2016; World art Dubai at World Trade Center in 2016; Singapore affordable art fair in 2016; World art Dubai at world tread center in 2017; Singapore affordable art fair in 2017; India art festival 2017 ,at Nehru center Mumbai in 2017; Nargis Dutt Foundation at Taj lands End in 2017; Affordable art fair London in 2018; Singapore affordable art fair in 2018; World art Dubai at World Trade Center in 2018; India art festival 2019 ,at Nehru Center Mumbai in 2019; World art Dubai at World Trade  Center  in 2019


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