Folding Sofa Cum Bed - 9999/- Dr Foam , No Wood

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Co-founded by Mr. Suhas Misra, offers men a way to navigate their way to better masculinity On, this happens through an interactive quiz that delves into areas that men are known to be extremely unwilling to seek any help for, such as better sex, better hair, better skin, etc. 

Recently Misters raises $1 mn in seed funds as a sole market giant catering to men's sexual health issues virtually with only one global competitor Hims from South America, Misters is potentially expected to grow rapidly in Domestic market within no time.

Mr. Suhas Misra is also the Co-Founder of Hector Beverages (Paperboat) 

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Potential Story Ideas:
1. Don't shy away when you can let it out
2. Introduce your man to his virtual friend to address balding 
3. How AI is providing solutions to an Indian man
4. Daily essentials for a loner to get a boner 
5. Help your Mr. to find his problem solver mister 


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