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India’s very own Nancy Drew

India’s very own Nancy Drew
Women are generally asked to pickup easy jobs but Akriti Khatri decided to think out of the box and step into male dominant industry. 
She was one of the youngest when she began her own detective agency called Venus Detective Agency and now after a few years Akriti Khatri has successfully built a strong base not just in Delhi but also in Bangalore, Mumbai you name it and she will be there to offer her expertise.
“I would not say it was a walk through to the park to begin with but yes I would say we have success fully made it to where we are now.” said detective Akriti Khatri.
Its a myth when people think that women cannot be good detectives, but Akriti thinks they are the best for  the job “I just feel women can be trusted more easily than a man, we just have to sweet talk about nothing in particular and then our needed information starts flowing in.”

Akriti has not just shaped her own career but she even trains young college going women and men to become good and success full.
There is a myth that we have detectives only have cases related to investigation of marriage proposals, but  we do get a lot of cases related to business, cheating, corporate, employee cheating, brand protection, scandals etc.”        
So next time you are looking for a Sherlock Homes, who better than our very own Akriti Khatri


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