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Hindustani Bhau to release a video on a housemate

Hindustani Bhau to release a video on a housemate

Bigg Boss is known to be one of the toughest reality shows of all times and why wouldn’t it be? Although it might seem to be fun from the outside, nobody but the celebrities locked inside the house  know how challenging it is to survive . This Weekend Ka Vaar episode came as a shocker to the viewers as Salman announced Vikas Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau’s  evicition, leaving everyone’s heart broken.

In an exclusive chat with Priyank Sharma on VOOT’s BIGG BUZZ, Bhau confessed that Bigg Boss is not an easy show to be in and revealed that he stopped enjoying it after some time seeing the same faces, eating same food and with the same sound of the kukdoo koo, as he used to sleep during odd hours. The latest episode of Bigg Buzz features a very special guest and ex-contestant, Kishwer Merchant along with the evictee Hindustani Bhau. 

During the conversation, Kishwer opened up on the banter between Asim or Sidharth. She expressed that Sidharth Shukla was her personal favourite but now it is Asim because he is doing well and has a game plan in place. She also mentioned it will be tough for the inmates to readjust once Sidharth is back as he likes to rule. While talking about Paras who is now back in the game, an outspoken Kishwer pointed out Paras is playing a very dirty game. In the exclusive tete a tete, Kishwer also claimed that Arhaan and Rashami’s relationship won’t work after they come out of the house as their relationship seems fake. She further mentioned that their relationship doesn’t look real at all while also talking about Rashami and Sidharth’s steamy on-screen chemistry during the episode, soon to go live on VOOT.

When it was Bhau’s turn to share his journey and talk about the other contestants, he pointed out that Madhurima deserved to be evicted instead of him and Arhaan according to him. Would be the next evictee.

Bhau and his video’s need no introduction, but everyone wants to know who will he target in his next video. Well, on the show Vikas spilled that he will make a video on Vikas Gupta and prompted that Paras is the smartest player inside the house. Known for giving quirky names to fellow contestants, Bhau gave the tag ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ to Shefali Jariwala and called the housemates ‘Namunas’ for fighting over the silliest of things.

On being questioned about the incessant fights in the kitchen area, Vikas expressed that the situation is such that when a member is making tea, all housemates stand next to the pateela (utensil) like beggars. In the weekend special conversation, Vikas Phatak also extended a heartfelt thanks to the audience for showering him with so much love. Not just this, he called Arhaan ‘Gareebo Ka Abhishek Bacchan’ as he does not use his brain and only follows what Rashami says.

Well, the eviction of Vikas Phatak has definitely left his fans disappointed but there’s a lot more to watch out for, as the game is getting more and more competitive post every eviction. Watch the conversation unfold, exclusively on VOOT’s Bigg Buzz to see Hindustani Bhau one last time as he bids adieu to the show.


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