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Himanshi Khurana’s relationship affected by Asim?

Himanshi Khurana’s relationship affected by Asim?

While people in our lives come and go, we’ll always remember the ones who made some kind of an impact on us. In the Bigg Boss house, Himanshi Khurana seems to have left a strong impact on Asim. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, watch the contestants discuss Himanshi and Asim’s bond.

While standing and spectating other contestants working in the kitchen, Asim says,“Dil pata hai kab toota aur dard bada hua jab usne mujhe bola woh Canada jaa rahi hai aur shaadi bhi ho rahi hai uski,” and acts like his heart is breaking with a loud, “Aaahhhh!” He continues, “Kehti hai 15 dino me Shaadi hui, inko bolke gayi. Usne merek nai bola.”

Shefali Jariwala speaks up and says, “She didn’t tell him yaa.” When Vikas Gupta asks, “uski Shaadi ho rahi hai?” Shefali replies, “She has a boyfriend of 9 years. A fiancé actually, They’re engaged to be married.” On being asked what her boyfriend’s name is, Shefali and Asim reply in sync, “Chao,” and then explain how he is a Punjabi living in Canada and this is his pet name and none of them knew or even asked about his real name. Shefali goes on, “Whatever she felt in the house, she’s just like, I want to get out of here and first thing get married to him.”

Asim explains his pain as he says, “Yeh mujhe nai batake gayi, in logo ko bata ke gayi. Suiya (needles) chubhi hai mujhe. Abhi bhi chubti hai, abhi jab bol rahe ho.” Rashami also confirms that Himanshi told her too that she plans to get married to her boyfriend first thing and start wedding preparations for a wedding early next year. Vikas analyses the situation and says, “Iska matlab malum hai? Usko itna impact pada hoga is se ki she wants to get rid of those feelings completely and get married as soon as possible.” He looks at Asim and comments, “Matlab ki tumne ek 9 year ki relationship me itna impact daal diya! Baap re!”

Even though Asim is heartbroken, he says that he is happy for her and that her happiness comes first for him even if she is not with him. He confesses, “It’s just that I really love her. It’s one sided it’s okay.” Isn’t he the sweetest? Watch Asim open up more about his feelings and watch what happens when Himanshi finds out only on Unseen Undekha streaming exclusively on VOOT.


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