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Eshaan Shanker celebrate s the wrap up of "Pav Bhaji" at an orphanage.

Eshaan Shanker celebrate s the wrap up of "Pav Bhaji" at an orphanage.

Actor Eshaan Shanker who recently revealed the first look of his much-awaited film "Pav Bhaji" was recently spotted celebrating the wrap up of his film with the kids at St Catherine of Siena orphanage and school orphanage in Mumbai.

"It’s a trend now-a-days to celebrate success and wrap up of movies in a club by throwing a party amongst the cast and crew members but I like doing things differently, so I thought why not celebrate it at an orphanage. “said actor Eshaan Shanker.

Ironically they all enjoyed a meal of Pav Bhaji just  like the title of the movie, " It is not a co-incidence that the title of the film is behind a famous dish, there is a deeper meaning to it and once you'll watch the movie you would get to know the reason behind it." explained Eshaan while speaking about the title of the movie.

The film Pav Bhaji is directed by Ashok R Kondke. The director has promised that the fans would get to see a totally new side of Eshaan in the film as he would be playing the character of a bad boy but at the same time the hero as well.... This is something to look out for. The film is currently going through editing and will be released by March 2020.


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