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Does Vishal count himself in the Top 5 ?

The big news of Bigg Boss Season 13 getting extended by 5 weeks was welcomed with open arms by the contestants as well as the viewers and they have all the right reasons to celebrate. Now the journey of making it to the Top 5 is all set to get even more interesting and entertaining. In the recent clip of VOOT’s Unseen Undekha, Shehnaaz and Mahira are seen challenging Vishal on who he thinks are going to make it to Top 5. 

During an ongoing task, Shehnaaz calls out Vishal and says ‘Sidharth, Asim, Paras, Vishal, Top 4? Top 5 mein aa rahi hun ruk. Peeche nahi chhodti hun main ladko ka. Ladko ke sath hi ladti hun main.’  An agitated Vishal immediately responds ‘Tune hi toh game banaya hai. Tune show banaya hai. Tu jaegi Top 5 main bola tha na maine pehle din.’ Shehnaaz then reacts, ‘Main kon hun show banane wali?’ to which Vishal clarifies ‘Arey main compliment de raha tha yaar.’ 

Meanwhile, Mahira who is already waiting for her opportunity to intervene asks Vishal ‘Top 5 main aapne kya bole the?’ Reluctant to share his views on Top 5, Vishal tells her that the names keep changing and mentions that some of the initial names are still there.  Mahira, here further instigates Vishal into revealing those names which he had mentioned when he entered the house. Vishal finally speaks up ‘Main jab aaya tha maine bola tha Shehnaaz hai, Mahira hai, Sidharth hai aur Paras hai, aur ek naam’ and adds that he still feels these are the ones who deserve to be in Top 5.  

Interestingly, Paras teases Vishal for the fifth name and questions ‘Panchva Vishal?’ Vishal also points out that he did not count himself while mentioning his Top 5 and further reveals that Asim was the fifth name. 
Shehnaaz again raises her voice to prove Vishal wrong and asks the other contestants if Vishal really did take Asim’s name or not. Vishal tries to confirm the names and recollects ‘Toh kon tha, Rashami?

Shehnaaz, waiting for the right moment reacts within a second and points out ‘Dekha, Rashami liya tha, Asim nahi liya tha.’ Vishal sticks to his words and clarifies ‘Mujhe yaad hai. Opinion change hote rehte hain life main.’ 
Shehnaaz does not leave this chance to mock Vishal and quips ‘Jaise jaise team change hoti hai, waise waise opinion change.’ 

Later in the video, Mahira keeps asking Vishal to name his current Top 5? Watch the full video to see if Vishal falls in the honey trap, exclusively on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha!


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