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Bollywood actress Asawari Joshi steps into the role of a grandmother with &TV’s Laal Ishq

Bollywood actress Asawari Joshi steps into the role of a grandmother with &TV’s Laal Ishq

Veteran Bollywood and television actress, Asawari Joshi who has often been admired and complimented for her flawless performance has always been experimental with a variety of roles, be in the Marathi or Hindi entertainment industry. From taking the bold step of portraying the role of a mother at a young age, Asawari has always been a step ahead when it comes to essaying her varied characters. Taking the plunge with a new genre and character, she all set to make her debut in the supernatural genre with &TV’s Laal Ishq where she will be seen playing the character of a grandmother for the first time. 

Speaking about her decision to play this character, Asawari said, “As an actor, I have always felt the pressure to be constantly experimental with my choices of roles. As much as the fear experimenting with different characters is considered to be a risk, I love playing strong, positive and challenging roles that offer a new experience and learning. The decision to play a mother’s character at a young age was a decision that I regretted. When the character of a grandmother came by, I was pretty unsure and doubtful of pulling it along as it came with a fear that I would be type casted. I almost declined the offer before considering it again because, the role gave me the choice to step into the supernatural space. I was quite intrigued by the genre and indeed wished to essay a suitable role. Believing in the need to explore more, I decided to step into the supernatural space by going all in and donning this character. I had quite some preparation to undertake in in terms of voice modulation and body language and, despite the role of being different, the experience was rather thrilling and and I look forward to experiencing more of what this genre can offer.”

With jaw-dropping and nerve-tickling stories Laal Ishq brings yet another thrilling episode of a giant demon who has an eye on a rich family and he starts capturing and converting family members into demons with the help of a mask.

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