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Asim tries to woo Shefali

Asim tries to woo Shefali

The fever of Bigg Boss Season 13 is at an all time high, especially after Asim and Sidharth’s recent fights which did not go well with Sidharth’s well-wishers  Shehnaaz and Shefali. In a recent clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Asim is seen trying to make-up with Shefali who is upset and Himanshi tries to be the mediator. 

In the interesting conversation, Himanshi suggests Asim “Shefu ko pucho na, will you marry me?”. Asim without any second thoughts asks Shefali if she will marry him to which Shefali clearly says no and adds “No way, you are cancel. Ek baar cancel ho gaya toh cancel.” When Shefali rejects his proposal multiple times, Asim teases her saying “Chalo pata chal gaya aane wale waqt main kya hota, Shadi karke chhod deti“. Shefali, who has shown a very balanced and positive side to her persona, responds “Good for you” in a taunting way. 

Asim then comes to the point and questions Shefali “Itni si baat pe tu rooth gayi hai mere se, maafi (sorry) bhi maang li maine”. Shefali then quips “Shopping pe leke jaao mujhe. Kapde khatam ho gaye hain.” Here, Asim teases Shefali and says “Shopping pe leke jaata hun main but isi ghar main na, toiletries ka mere pass bahut samaan hai. Fir maan jaegi na?” Shefali then puts up a condition and comments “Tujhe bill bhi dena padega aur shopping bags bhi uthane padenge.” Reacting to the condition, Asim expresses “Toh agar peon hi chahiye na to bahar se mil jaega”. The comment does not go well with Himanshi who immediately gives reference to her fiancé and reveals that he also lifts shopping bags for her. Shefali also gets a chance to pull Asim’s leg and adds “Parag bhi uthata hai”. A helpless Asim caught between the two gorgeous ladies ultimately agrees and says “Theek hai chalo tum bhi sahi bol rahi ho.” 

The breaking and making of bonds in the house has disturbed Asim a lot lately. It will be interesting to see how he plans his way forward in the game. Will Shefali get back to good terms with him? Tune-in to VOOT’s Unseen Undekha and never miss out on all the Unfiltered gossip from Bigg Boss S13!


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