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Anju Singh's journey: Turning the wheel of fortune with VMate

Anju Singh's journey: Turning the wheel of fortune with VMate

Where there is a will, there is a way; this is a quote we have heard umpteen times in our lives. The above quote perfectly fits on 19 years old Anju’s life, a small girl hailing from a humble background. Without any formal education, Anju Singh aka Mini Kumari’s journey has been an extraordinary one. Born and brought up in Katihaar, Bihar, she makes her living through VMate, the most simple-to-use and trending short video making platform. Despite her age, Anju engages her lakhs of followers with her innate talent in front of millions of online users every day. She earns nearly 1.5 lakh by making videos on VMate; presently has a fan base of more than 7 lakhs.

Personal Front

In her childhood, Anju always had an inclination towards learning new skills and realized that her natural flair is to perform on Bollywood/Bhojpuri songs and show her acting talent to the world. This instinct anchored Anju Singh towards discovering more in life despite her circumstances and limited resources. Later, Anju had a love marriage that was never supported by the family but her husband supported her by every means. The couple moved to Mumbai to pursue bigger dreams with a hope to achieve something substantial. However, the plan did not work as per their expectations and the duo moved back to Bhagalpur, owing to financial constraints. After they came back, one of her husband’s relative introduced her to VMate and this became a turning in her life. With help of VMate, she not only following her dreams of showcasing hidden talent but is also a major source of income in her family.

 Anju’s climb on the mountain of fame

Anju found VMate to be a simple platform to edit and upload her videos, despite having no formal training in video making. She made entertaining videos on the most popular and latest songs, available over the VMate platform. Soon Anju’s videos started grabbing attention from audiences in UP and Bihar. Her fame skyrocketed and she soon became a sensation over the platform. Anju’s continuous effort of uploading videos on VMate platform has made her a social media celebrity. As per Anju, VMate has helped her earn a handsome amount, close to INR 1.5 lakh a month which is 10 times of what the couple was earning in Mumbai. She couldn’t have pulled off through any other means while earning good returns. She gained significant fan following and has become the talk of the town. Curiosity rose in people who started enquiring about the secret of her popularity.  Sharing an incident, Anju gushes that once they even got swarmed by people when they were stuck in a traffic jam. They had to call the police to rescue themselves from the crowd. Both Anju and her husband now wear helmets to avoid attracting attention of their fans while commuting.

Owing her success to VMate, Anju says  that the platform empowers common people to make highly-professional videos with simple-to-use VR and a variety of stickers to choose from.  It has helped improve her financial status, and her talent is getting noticed.

Future Plans

Presently, Anju is reaping many benefits for being on VMate. She even received a few offers to act in regional movies post her growing popularity, thanks to VMate. However, the couple is unsure of testing the waters in the film industry as of now. The couple wants to continue with their stride on VMate as Anju is enjoying her work. For the future, Anju plans to create more entertaining and fun videos for her followers. Her rags to riches story is inspiring more and more creators to join the VMate bandwagon to test the water for themselves.

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