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Ace of the Game Bigg Boss task will test housemates’ poker faces

Ace of the Game Bigg Boss task will test housemates’ poker faces

There is mounting excitement within the Bigg Boss 13 house as housemates try to prove their mettle and claim the Bigg Boss crown. A key strategy will be to successfully gauge their opponents and read their behavior and body language.

Both are also important skills in poker, alongside traits such as calmness, patience, determination, the ability to calculate odds and indeed bluffing. All help players maximize their chances of success.

That’s why this week’s Bigg Boss challenge, the PokerStars Ace of the Game task, will test contestants’ poker skills by deducing the other housemates’ true hands.

Two Housemates in the Bigg Boss house will have to prove their skills to win one of two titles, ‘Best Bluff Catcher’ and ‘Best Poker Face’.

Five cards featuring the face and some information about a different housemate will sit on a PokerStars branded table. Each of the five housemates will come and sit in front of two other chosen housemates and read the information from the cards.

The information contains three statements about the contestant. One statement is false, a bluff, and two statements are true. Only the card-reader will know which is which.

The contestant must read every statement with a poker face, so as not to reveal the bluff. The two guessing housemates will need to guess which statements are true and which is false – catching the bluff!

A title will be awarded to the ‘Best Bluff Catcher’, while one of the five other contestants who pulls off the bluff with the best poker face will win the title of ‘Best Poker Face’.

Household chores are one of the most talked about topics in the house and the two winners will get a ‘PokerStars Ace Card’. While other contestants must do a minimum of two chores a week, which are decided by the captain of the house, the advantage for the winners is that they only have to do one chore and get to choose what they do themselves.

While audiences wait for the task, they can put on their thinking caps to guess who will win the title and emerge as the greatest ‘bluffmaster’ of all! Watch this space for more!

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