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Aarti reveals top 5 contestants she'd like to be in touch with after the show

Aarti reveals top 5 contestants she'd like to be in touch with after the show

Bigg Boss S13 is mid-way and the contestants are already picking their favorites who they’d like to stay in touch with outside the house. Housemates definitely find a new ways to entertain themselves through these fun Q&A’s.

In a recent conversation, when Sana, Asim, Rashmi, Vikas, Aarti, Shefali and Himanshi were chatting. Sana asks Aarti, “Paanch log bata jinse touch main rehna chahegi.” To which Aarti instantly says, “Rashmi ko mat count karo please.” Rashmi replies, “Humara same group hain.” And Aarti keeps meeting Rashmi quite often.

Sana further asks, “Inko chodke.” Aarti spills her list of favorites and says, “Shefali, Himanshi, Debo, Bhau. Paanch hi lekin?” Well, Aarti you need to pick your top 5.

“Haan top 5” says Sana. After a long pause Aarti replies, “Asim aur Sana” to which Sana furiously asks, “Asim or Sana?” Aarti tries to waive the conversation and  says, “Asim and Sana. Par milna nahi hopayega.” We don’t think you’ve understood the question well, Aarti or are you trying to play too safe?

“Kyunki Sana aur Himanshi se main mil nahi paungi.” To which Himanshi instantly replies, “Flight nahi hai Aarti?”

Looks like Aarti is trapped in her own age and there is no escape since the pataka kuddis, Sana and Himanshi are quite unhappy and furious of being chosen but yet not chosen by Aarti Singh. Watch this on Bigg Boss S13’s Unseen Undekha on VOOT.


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