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VOOT Night Live special - Asim exposes the real side of Shehnaaz

VOOT Night Live special - Asim exposes the real side of Shehnaaz

In the latest episode of VOOT Night Live, RJ Anmol and Divya Agarwal talk about the changing dynamics in the house, wild card contestants and the new entertainer of the house, one and only Hindustani Bhau.

In a fun segment, the Khabri’s of the house read some trending tweets on the wild card entries to know what the audience feels about them. Pointing out at his new personal favourite, RJ Anmol tells Divya  “Bhai apna favourite toh wahi hai bhai. Jo ghar ke andar pahunche nahi ki waha pe bheed ikkhata kar ke bhai ne bola ‘Pehli fursat mein nikal le bawa’. The hosts discuss how Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau has brought in a different flavour with his style of entertainment. Talking about his quirky mannerism, RJ Anmol comments why Vikas is his new favourite. “Itni marampatti ki jo game chal rahai thi sab khoon pee rahe the ek doosre ka Bhau aae aur rang jama diya yaar, superb.” Agreeing to this, Divya expresses “Yaar maan na toh padega he is a better entertainer when it comes to entertaining, more than Shehnaaz”. Viewers are then given a sneak peek of how Hindustani Bhau has given funny pet names to each contestant in the house.

During another conversation, Divya pulls RJ Anmol’s leg on Shehnaaz’s reaction post rival Himanshi Khurana’s entry in the house. Anmol chooses not to defend Shehnaaz here and points out “For the first time ever on Bigg Boss, I am truly disappointed with the way Shehnaaz has reacted to Himanshi coming in the house.” He further adds “Matlab Rashami jitna roi hai 1 mahine mein, Shehnaaz 2 din mein utna roi hai. Kya hogya usko yaar?”

The expert duo also discussed the changing dynamics in the house showing viewers a clip where Asim is seen discussing Shehnaaz’s gameplan with Sidhartha Shukla. In the interesting clip, Asim warns Siddharth “Bro usne jo bola hai na waha se maine poori game dekhi hai uski jo woh ghar mein kar rahi thi. From Day 1, Paras nahi toh Shukla, Shukla nahi toh Paras.” Siddharth also seems to be convinced with Asim’s logic and adds “Eda ban ke Peda”! Asim goes on to say “You are a friend which she has earned uski strategy se. Sorry but Sana na ghar ke andar dost hai na ghar ke bahar dost hai.”

Well, the new wild card entries have really taken the game to the next level and the biggest winner here is the audience! Watch VOOT Night Live Monday to Friday after the on air episode and keep up to date with the latest gossips coming from Bigg Boss S13.  


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