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Vivek Dahiya Takes Over The Cardiff Film Festival Stage As Anchor with Lucy OwenActor Vivek Dahiya

Vivek Dahiya Takes Over The Cardiff Film Festival Stage As Anchor with Lucy 
OwenActor Vivek Dahiya recently went international as he took over the stage at the Cardiff International Film Festival.  Life came in a full circle for the actor who had once studied in Cardiff and is now back to his once 'base' but this time sharing the stage with renowned news anchor Lucy Owen.  Speaking about the experience Vivek says, "When I was studying in my university days, I used to watch Lucy's work on TV and who would have thought that I would be one day sharing the stage with her.  It was fabulous to share the stage with her and we were a good pair because I handled the jokes and fun humor while she took over on the classic presenting."  Speaking about anchoring the actor shares, "It was a cross cultural, multi-dimensional hosting experience which was phenomenal.  The nominations had come from worldwide ranging from China, Japan and the US to South Africa, Britain as well as India and so to create humor and jokes that resonates to everybody, crossing all language and cultural boundaries, is quite a challenge.  But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it and the giggles and laughter made me feel that I really belong on stage and I should be anchoring a lot more!"  We wonder now if we'll see Vivek soon turning host for a show on our Indian television screens soon as well!  And why not as some of the biggest stalwarts of our industry like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and even Salman Khan are seen juggling between films and anchoring popular reality shows on television!


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