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These Rains, Keep Your Ears Safe

These Rains, Keep Your Ears Safe

Rains make us susceptible to a bouquet of diseases such as dengue, malaria, colds… and ear-aches! Yes, rains are the ripe time for many ear-related issues to crop up…
Audiologist-Speech Therapist Devangi Dalal and co-founder of JOSH Foundation agrees, “During monsoon, fungal ear infections are quite commonplace. Such infections may cause painful itches that are aggravated by scratching with cotton swabs and other similar objects, thus resulting in more damage than the infection itself. Remember that fungal infections breed like mushrooms in the monsoons. So in case your ears itch for more than a day, consider consulting a specialist.”

The main area of concern in this monsoon season coupled with humid weather is the beating our immune systems take. “Infections become more common in the rains because our immunities are at their weakest,” avers Dalal. “The key is to boost our immunity by taking proper precautions. So, when you can, choose hot beverages like hot soups and teas to keep yourself warm and also to boost your immune system.”

“It’s easy to be unaware of ear canals getting blocked with trapped ear wax or water, especially with all the assorted aches and pains in this season. Protect your ears and pay your doctor a visit when in pain because fungal ear infections are painful, and require at least 21 days to heal,” she concludes.


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