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The Red Land web series releases today!

The Red Land web series releases today!


A rustic story from Banaras where two
Thakur brothers have been ruling the land for more than 3 decades. 
The elder brother Amarpal Singh envies his younger brother Samarpal Singh because he has more dominance over the people and the land. The Original Series follows the rise of their sons Babloo Thakur and Vikram Thakur. Babloo is the son of Samarpal Singh and Vikram is the son of Amarpal Singh. Vikram is the king maker in the upcoming college election and being a Thakur no one else dares to oppose him in the elections. But a student named Ajit Yadav who from the Yadav clan decides to stand in the elections against Vikram Singh’s candidate. Vikram tries to intimidate him but fails because college’s most respected student Shiva Thakur is supporting Ajit in the election. Vikram asks for help from his brother Babloo Singh and, the friends from past meet again after a long time. Ajit’s father Shambhu Yadav is loyal aide to Samarpal Singh and Ajit and Babloo used to play together when they were kids. Amarpal Singh also decides to side with Ajit and the battle of casteism, power and greed begins. Family and friends stand against each other and are ready to kill.


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