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The ravishing costumes for Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns designed by Neerushaa Nikhat

The ravishing costumes for Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns designed by Neerushaa Nikhat

Fans are gearing up for the return of popular fantasy show Baalveer Returns on Sony SAB. To add to the excitement and the anticipation, the channel has taken design aspect for the looks and costumes of the key characters to another level this season. 

Baalveer Returns will witness one of the biggest congregation of the most loved television stars such as Dev Joshi, Vansh Sayani, Pavitra Punia, Sharmilee Raj and Shridhar Watsar collaborating to bring back the show in a brand new avatar after a wait of 3 long years. To add more colour to the characters, Sony Sab has roped in award winning stylist Nikhat M Neerushaa to design the costumes of the characters.

Baalveer, the savior of the kids on earth, is now on a quest to find another Baalveer after the massive attack on Veer Lok. With Baal Pari and other beautiful fairies on his side to support, the evil force of Kaal Lok and Timnasa will add some undesired turbulence into his live with her motive of destroying Baalveer.

Sharing her experience, Nikhat M Neerushaa said, “Working on Baalveer Returns felt amazing but equally challenging. The hardest thing was its timeline. I have never, in my career, worked the way I did for Baalveer as we would be in our studio 24X7. But we wanted to achieve exceptional looks for this fantasy show. We wanted to bring out something and use colours that would relate to kids as well as adults and still stay relevant in today’s time. We wanted to give so much depth to the costumes of the fairies that even without an explanation or dialogue, people should understand what she stands for and what her super powers are.”

Adding about the looks of these characters she said, “With Timnasa, we wanted to give her something that would make her look powerful, scary, glamorous and like a goddess all at the same time. For Baalveer, we wanted to give him something of the international level yet making him extremely relatable for the Indian audience as their own superhero. This is also the first time that we have designed the costume and accessories even before doing a look test and it has worked magically. We have used materials that weren’t accessible here and thus we had to make and texturize some of the fabric ourselves.”

Here is a quick sneak peek, into the sensational looks of their characters, for the fans of Baalveer Returns.

·         The Mighty Baalveer- Dev Joshi

This time, Baalveer is here to find his successor and pass on the responsibility of saving the earth to him. While he finds the new Baalveer, he stays on earth in the disguise of a balloon seller, Ballu.

Dressed in dark grey and deep red, Baalveer’s confidence and attitude is perfectly resonated by his suit which stares strongly at the face of his enemies.

Sab TV12265

·         The Maternal Baal Pari- Sharmilee Raj

The senior Pari of Veer Lok, Baal Pari is like a mother to Baalveer. With her magical powers in her hair, she is always leading the forces from the front.

Dressed in pretty pink, Sharmilee as Baal Pari is bound to make you fall in love with her character.

Sab TV12329

·         The Vicious Timnasa- Pavitra Punia

Depicting her queendom, Timnasa is the power hungry dictator of Kaal Lok. With her mission to finish Baalveer, Timnasa will leave no stone unturned in order to kill him and take control over Earth.

Dressed to kill – literally Timnasa will be sporting a black gown.

Pavitra Punia as Timnasa in Sony SAB's Baalveer returns

·         The comical Duba Duba- Shridhar Watsar

Duba Duba is the magical dwarf of the Veer Lok and is very loyal to the fairies and Baalveer. With his exceptional comic timing, Duba Duba is set to entertain everyone on earth.

Duba Duba will make the audience laugh in a cute red outfit.

Sab TV11286

·         The Evil Dwarf Tauba Tauba- Shridhar Watsar

Taking the level of challenges a step further, Shridhar Watsar will play a double role. Tauba Tauba, the two faced dwarf from Kaal Lok, craves for magical powers and knows how to play safe on both sides.

Tauba Tauba will be seen craving for power in a black suit bringing out the evil in him.

Sab TV13443

·         The Fierce Jwaala Pari- Khushi Mukherjee

Just as her name suggests, she controls fire. Herself possessing all the qualities, Jwaala Pari can do all kind of magic with fire and use this element of earth in any form to save the world

Killer or savior, judge the Jwaala Pari at your own risk as she aims to save the world in her flaming orange gown.

Sab TV12628

·         The cool Paani Pari- Bhaweeka Chaudhary

This water queen Paani Pari has all the control over water and can even freeze it, forming some of the most dangerous ice weapons.

Adding life to her character is the flowy blue gown which compliments well with the smile on her face. 

Sab TV13036

·         Breezy Vaayu Pari- Amika Shail

While she can control air and its form or direction, Vaayu Pari will not hold back to use it to save the world as she can also suck in large amounts of air, smoke and fumes.

Love will be in the air as Vaayu Pari aims to save the world in a stunning white gown.

Sab TV13312

Stay tuned to Sony SAB for more on Baalveer Returns


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