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Singer Vee Kapoor pays a heartfelt tribute to Lord Krishna with Giridhari

Singer Vee Kapoor pays a heartfelt tribute to Lord Krishna with Giridhari

With his earlier track 'Saavaro' (meaning 'hue of black'), singer and musician Vee Kapoor had shown that he truly is a devotee of Lord Krishna. Despite growing up in a foreign country, Kapoor remained true to his origins and roots and thus, is deeply attached to Indian culture. His music exemplifies this fact and also shows that he is an extremely spiritual and devotional person. 

Taking this practice of presenting devotional songs in a contemporary manner, Vee has now come up with a new single titled 'Giridhari' which, just like 'Saavaro', is an ode to Lord Krishna.

Talking about the track, he says, "I have always felt a deep spiritual connection with Lord Krishna. 'Saavaro' came purely out of my love, devotion, and belief in him. I have grown up listening to several bhajans of Lord Krishna and one day, I just stumbled upon this thought of presenting one of his bhajans in a contemporary avatar. The lines have been written by Lord Krishna's biggest devotee, the immortal poetess Meera and for me and Shammi Pithia, who has composed and produced the song with me, it was a huge honor to set the tune to her divine lines."

"Apart from the audio track, I hope the video also resonates with the audience as we have tried to tell a very emotional and honest story in it. We shot the video after taking a lot of minute details into account and it has shaped up quite well. I have directed it along with David Piersaul and Nate Rose."

Vee, who has been releasing singles at regular intervals and doing cover versions of several popular songs on his channel, has several interesting projects lined up for this year, the details of which he will reveal in due course of time.

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