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Siddharth explains Asim the difference between Power and Strength

Siddharth explains Asim the difference between Power and Strength

Bigg Boss is not an easy game to win, especially when a contestant or a group of contestants start targeting you and your weaknesses. A similar situation is being faced by Paras Chhabra inside the house. 
In a recent clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Sidharth Shukla is seen explaining the difference between power and strength to Asim, his all-time companion in the game.  In the conversation, Sidharth tells Asim “Strength is completely different. Power, kam zyada ho sakti hai logo mein. Koi zyada strong ho sakta hai koi kam.”  Asim responds in agreement “Yeah that is normal”. Putting forth his own idea of what strength is, Sidharth adds “Wo thik hai physicality hai. Accha but ye jo strength hoti hai na, woh inner hoti hai. Toh woh cheez alag hoti hai, strength. Thik haii.” Asim then asks Sidharth “So how do you differentiate right now, in the sense like power bhi” and mentions “Jaise kisi ki kam zyada body hai, woh usme aagya.” 

Sidharth here takes some effort to make his point and explains with an example, “Soch tere mein aur mere mein tu powerful hai. Tu meko dhakka maarega mein gir jaunga, thik hai. Tere mein power hai. Par tu dhakka maar raha hai toh main khada reh raha hun, woh meri strength hai.” One of the top contenders in the game, Sidharth expresses “Meko pata hai main haar sakta hun par main fir bhi maarunga.” 

Asim now reacts  in a very convinced tone “That is strength”. Sidharth here mentions “Tu 10 maare main 2 maarunga, thik hai. Yaad rakhega tu 2. Toh strength hai woh. Ye mera hisab se ab main galat bhi ho sakta hun, mere kehne ka matlab woh hai.” Coming to the point of discussion, Sidharth links Paras with the example and tells Asim “Uski strength hi nahi hai. ABhi iske pass 1 mahine ke baad strength nahi aayi hai.” Asim knows that Sidharth is talking about Paras here. Sidharth goes on to Paras a coward and comments “Usko sirf abhi ye karna hai. Kyuki usko maloom hai ki kya ho raha hai toh woh kuch kar nahi sakta toh pak pak pak bas karna hai. Koi strength nahi aayi hai, hai abhi  bhi waisa hi fattu.”

Asim, who never misses an opportunity to bash his rival Paras points out “Karta kuch nahi hai ye, kuch bhi nahi karta yaar ye. Pehle din bhaaga tha na woh. Race lagai thi jis din, apne liye bhaaga tha bas uske baad khatam. Hum 4 round udhar hi khade rahe bhai.” 

Well, looks like Asim and Sidharth have made Paras their main target and this blame game and taunting is not going to stop anytime soon. So, tune-in to VOOT’s Unseen Undekha to catch all the drama, fun and banter from Bigg Boss S13.


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