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Siddhanth Kapoor to play poker at PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona

Siddhanth Kapoor to play poker at PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona

Mumbai, 27st August 2019: Siddhanth Kapoor, actor, and disc jockey, – who has been featured in movies like Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Haseena Parker and Bombairiya is playing poker at PokerStars European Poker Tournament (EPT) Barcelona, which is running in Barcelona from now until 1 September 2019. Kapoor, who is known as “DJ Bullzeye” on Instagram - will be joined by four poker players who won their trip to EPT Barcelona via

Siddhanth Kapoor said, “I have played so many big tournaments on and I am very excited to play at this tournament too. Poker allows me to use my analytical skills. It’s a game that requires passion and discipline, which is what makes every new hand interesting and helps you to improve decision-making, to analyse strategy and to better overcome failure. Patience is key to success and that’s what I’ve learned from poker, which is so important in my daily life, waiting for a shot, a set to be lit up, waiting for a DJ slot to come up. It’s a great game to get involved with, and I’m very pleased to be associated with PokerStars India.”

DJ, AD, actor and now an ardent poker player too, Siddhanth Kapoor is a man of many talents. He started his journey as a poker player at Facebook and went on to playing live games in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and across India. During one of those visits, he was introduced to PokerStars India.

Talking about how he got introduced to the game Siddhanth Kapoor said, “I was at a friend’s house and they were playing poker. I thought it looked like an interesting game. Not just to do with luck but reading a player, considering your position, knowing when you should fire what kind of hands and moves. It’s very different from the other card games we play in India and I think it’s one of the most beautiful games in the world.

Those who wish to learn more about poker and sharpen their skills for free can visit PokerStars India’s online learning platform PokerStars School, which provides interactive free tutorials, videos, and training resources, as well as the chance to engage with pros, trainers and like-minded communities.

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