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“Shooting in a morgue creeped me out” says Laal Ishq actor Paaras Madaan”

“Shooting in a morgue creeped me out” says Laal Ishq actor Paaras Madaan”

The supernatural genre has always been a source of fascination for many as it creates speculative fiction stories topped with gripping visuals and striking story plots, which keep the viewers wanting for more as it makes for an interesting watch. But not many know that the experience behind shooting stories under this genre has always stood as a challenge for several actors. Amongst the many names is the name of well-known actor Paaras Madaan who is famous in the Delhi theatre circuit and will be seen in the upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq. It was revealed that while shooting for the show, the actor had a rather odd and unusual experience to share. Usually adept to all the elements that an actor is opposed to while shooting a supernatural sequence, Paaras was left feeling creeped out when he had to shoot a particular scene in a hospital’s morgue amidst the presence of several corpses. Essaying the character of a doctor, the actor had a trembling moment while shooting for this particular scene and needed some time to gather himself.

When we reached out to Paaras to elaborate further he said, “Human are remarkably prone to supernatural beliefs and they have been existing for many generations. We have always witnessed deaths at the hospital or at home, but this was the first time I ever saw a morgue and shooting in one creeped me out. It was quite a strange feeling to step inside one and although I knew that the environment was created to bring an authentic performance, for a moment I felt extremely petrified and trembled seeing the dead bodies. In that moment, I wanted to express and speak up, but I couldn’t as the scene required me to bring out the fear. However, I convinced myself that eventually we would be wrapping up the scene soon. While my fear did help in my performance it also left me with a different experience to share.”

Adding further on the realism that Laal Ishq showcases Paaras shares, “Working on Laal Ishq made me realize that the makers take a lot of effort in presenting each episode. Right from selecting the right cast to the plot, showcasing real locations and ensuring every detail is minutely taken into consideration, the viewer is sure to get hooked as it defines the, ‘chill factor’. The aesthetics that are applied in the show come forth so real that it doesn’t look fake or made up at all on screen. This is the reason why it was difficult but at the same time, I enjoyed the challenges and am sure the viewers will love it.’

In the upcoming episode the story will swirl out a tale amidst the backdrop of a hospital and the morgue. Paraas will been seen portraying a role of a doctor who would be doing his internship in the hospital morgue while actress Falaq Naaz will play the role of his wife. A small incident at the morgue is all set to change their lives forever.

Tune in to watch Laal Ishq this Saturday at 10:00 pm only on &TV


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