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Samajwadi Party Corporator Rais Shaikh takes a hilarious dig at BMC with his witty tweets.

Samajwadi Party Corporator Rais Shaikh takes a hilarious dig at BMC with his witty tweets.

India is the largest democratic country in the world and vouches to have given complete power of the democracy into the hands of her citizens. But does that really happen?
With the country facing innumerable problems on various frontiers of religion, caste, creed, crimes against women and children, illiteracy, destruction of property, poverty to the most recent problem of protecting the Aarey forest, this country needs a game-changing strategy to tackle all these issues and bury them into the past, to march onto a bright future. Amongst all other ‘dedicated’ politicians who promise to deliver on countless occasions, Rais Shaikh medium of Twitter to interact with his followers but also enlightens them about the state of affairs of the country by tweeting about it using quirky, intelligent and relatable content.
Having worked extensively on maintaining dilapidated roads, water shortage problems, setting up digital schools in Govandi, he wishes to improve the overall situation of the economic capital and believes that quirky content is the one to stay. He tweets, “The letter S in BMC stands for Safety” as we hear about the 3rd pothole death in Mumbai. His unique way of handling his Twitter has gained tremendous popularity and appreciation among the masses. In this digital age, he is using social media to make people aware and more sensitive towards issues persisting in the country. His innovative way of working will continue to make people aware coupled with the progress of our nation. 

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