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Rakesh Mishra Anjana Singh in the film '' revenge '' with

Rakesh Mishra Anjana Singh in the film '' revenge '' with

Bhojpuri star Rakesh Mishra and Anjana Singh are together in the film '' revenge '' Bhopal! The film has been directed by Ravi Sinha! Rakesh Misra story of the film, said it is very good and the film director who has made many films super hit Ravi Sinha, Bhojpuri less should be as praising them than this film songs one! Rakesh is ready Bhojpuri films up to half a dozen of the Misra which will appear soon! Hall got the same speed records Bhojpuri Utub love of viewers channel Rakesh Mishra's new song 'Plngia to noise' and affection! In this film, Anjana Singh Golu king, Manmohan Mishra, Poonam Dubey, Chandni Singh, ayushi Tiwari, Sanjay Pandey, Manoj Tiger, Ayajh Khan, Rajnish Pathak, Neeraj Yadav manufacturer Durga Prasad's Ahir etc. that!


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