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Paytm KYC fraud: Business problems warning false messages and phone calls

Paytm KYC fraud: Business problems warning false messages and phone calls

Paytm has now issued a warning that calls from fraud pretending to be company officials are not scam messages.

Paytm has issued alerts to users to avoid making fraudulent calls. Paytm has asked customers to re-activate their KYC by calling Fraudsters

Paytm is one of the country's largest digital payment players with millions of users. It is also a problem as there are many people who are trying to use the platform to scam people, while its popularity may be good news.

Paytm has now issued a warning to prevent users from getting scams and calls for frauds pretending to be corporate officials in order to prevent such men.

The Company said in a statement that "If you receive a SMS / call to download the KYC Completion App, don't trust these messages, they are fraudsters who want to get your information."

We have recently read rumors that Paytm customers are being called by fraudsters for a re-activation of their KYC. In such calls, these fraudsters tell the customer to use AnyDesk, TeamViewer and QuickSupport to enable remote access apps to help with the CYC process.

Upon activation of the software, the customer is told to accept the privileges required by the app and then request the unique address code generated within the device.

This allows fraudsters to remotely access the device of their customers to track, use the telephone data and banking apps on the smartphone of the victim.

The company also warns its customers against fake communications, in the name of cashbacks and other deals, that trick users with the increased number of frauds.

The messages that the rounds are about claim your KYC has been finished and a cash-back / deal has been received; click the link to access the bid.

As is evident, these messages should be either notified to the company or overlooked because they are from frauds aimed at scaming users.

Pls don't trust any SMS that blocks or suggests that you send KYC to your Paytm account.


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