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Past Life Regression – Connecting with the truth

Past Life Regression – Connecting with the truth

Past life regression is a process where you are taken, or you take someone else, back in time using hypnosis. This is achieved through the memories stored in the subconscious, those memories being the ones of, we believe, previous lives. People are often not able to figure out the reason for their problems in life, some people believe in karma, some think it’s their luck, while others think that the issue is somehow related to things that happened in past, be it near past or past lives.
Therapies are like healing someone mentally which further leads to improvement of physical health as today almost every person is going through some or other problem. Everybody doesn’t remember each and every moment of their lives, which sometimes leads to traumatic experiences, thus people often require an alternative explanation to things that realistically cannot be explained. For every explanation for past life memory recall there has to be an alternative and through these alternatives it often helps those out to experience the existence of past lives to understand, or start to understand the possibilities of past lives. Center of Healing has hired professionals and trainers which help their customers to overcome their problems or understand the reason of their problems.
Mr. Gurpreet Singh Arora, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Healer of Center of Healing and a Hypnotherapists said; People from different places come to us for different kind of problems, they certainly feel that there is no reason as such for their suffering. We then listen to their problems and try to figure out that the reason of their problem must be hidden in their past lives, and then we use this therapy on them. We take our customers to their past life and help them explore some hidden truths which are perhaps affecting their present lives. Once explored we try to heal their problems in the required manner giving various sessions and therapies.
Our character represents who we truly are, what we are made of as it is the result of our past experiences, which can be like literally anything which we don’t even remember, minute details to major happenings. Everything from past can be recalled with this therapy. The therapist uses their special hypnotism skills and then has conversation, to bring out every minute detail from the subconscious mind. They ask certain questions that trigger some memories that might have been experienced in the past lives. People think that this method is unscientific and unconventional but something leads to the curiosity in people, to know about their past lives, who were they, where were they, what were they. When people take this therapy they actually discover possible facts about their past lives, truth is sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, some people like to embrace it and sometimes they run away from the truth. But the fact is people should always embrace the truth as it can answer a lot of things from the past, for the future.
Undertaking Past Life Regression and exploring your past lives can present you with a complete new understanding of your own character. You may start to realise why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something or someone. Perhaps it will even offer you an explanation to that Déjà vu feeling.
About Us
Center of Healing believes that’s its extraordinary mission and spectacular location makes it the perfect place to rejuvenate your inner body and soul. We believe that people have been healed through prayer and by faith in all ages but we just need to show them the right path. We take our customers to a journey to explore their inner strength and weaknesses which helps them in their mental upliftment and heal them in every manner. Our flagship projects includes the research work done on Leadership, Third Eye activation, Hypnosis, Reiki , Money Reiki, Angel Therapy, Mid Brain Activation. We ensure that the services provided are by qualified and professional counsellors and healers; who aim to hear, understand and provide best advice and solutions to client’s problems, and maintain the confidentiality.


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