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On Akshara Singh in Kushinagar Festival has Shivpal Yadav Conference Deemed

 Bhojpuri Hot 'Kushinagar Festival' UP Super Girl Akshara Singh was awarded the "Bes t Ec trace and Bes T Female Singer 'award. He Left It respect Dig yards UP leader Shivpal Yadav and senior officials journalist was hands Ajit Anjum. Akshara has given this honor Bhojpuri cinema and music producer Krishna specific contributions. On this occasion, went around the country Gnman other people present who witnessed the award ceremony. 

 However, Kushinagar Festival 'in' Bes T Ec trace and Bes T Female Singer 'award from happy Akshara Singh platform Shivpal Yadav and thanked the organizer Vinay Rai Mahot best with Ajit Anjum. He said, it was chosen for this honor that I plant Man Bhojpuri societies for me. It certainly will encourage my self and will guide me. An artist is when do honor to his work, then he would have led to good and nice. 

 Akshara Singh said that I always am Foks Distributing your work. Scheme Trgl in life too, I still live I stood for your loved ones. When such takes no notice of my work, so he Urganvit me. The Akshara said Singh PRO Sanjay Bhushan Patiala Akshara has carved a special place in hearts of people who own their work. That is why now was recently localized He deemed Conference sword on earth Babu Veer Kunwar Singh and turban. Akshara First Film m artist became what was deemed Conference this honor in Jigsaw. 


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