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Katrina Kaif inspires you to find your “Ree” in Reebok’s new campaign #SheGotRee

Katrina Kaif inspires you to find your “Ree” in Reebok’s new campaign #SheGotRee

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National, November 20, 2019: Leading fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok has unveiled its latest campaign featuring brand ambassador Katrina Kaif. The campaign, ‘She Got Ree’, is a celebration of fitness and depicts the myriad ways in which you can harness your energy and enjoy being fit no matter where you are.

Through product innovations like the Pure Move Bra and the ‘Meet You There’ collection, or campaigns such as It’s Not a Man’s World, Reebok continues to inspire women around the world to find their personal expression of fitness.

Now, with the powerful ‘She Got Ree’ campaign with Katrina, Reebok strives to further strengthen its commitment to the constant pursuit of fitness. The campaign video, which features catchy music and impactful lyrics, has Katrina unleashing her energy in a free-spirited routine that’s a combination of running, spinning, flexing, dancing and boxing.

“I’m thrilled to be associated with a brand like Reebok that has always strived to inspire people to be the fittest versions of themselves. The ‘She Got Ree’ campaign only furthers this belief by encouraging everyone to find their “Ree” which is the joy and spirit of being fit” said Katrina.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Sunil Gupta, Brand Director, Reebok India said, “This isn’t just a sweat-dripping world of straining muscles, it’s a place in which the natural joy of movement finds expression through avenues such as the gym, the outdoors, and everywhere in between. Through the “She Got Ree” campaign, we hope to inspire women to find their very own expression of fitness.”


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