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Jaipur Drug Distribution firm busted for sale of counterfeit medicines

Jaipur Drug Distribution firm busted for sale of counterfeit medicines

28th Aug New Delhi: A drug distributor came under the scanner of the government’s Health Department after introducing fake lifesaving medicines worth over INR 3.7 crores in the market.

The Health Department investigated the firm in question suspecting the quality of medicines supplied by them. On a complaint received by the drug controller a sample was drawn out for a quality assurance test. The sample drawn failed the test.

Following which the health department conducted numerous inspections and raids at over 15 drug stores in various government hospitals in Jaipur in order to seize the counterfeits. They seized a large volume of fake medicines sold as lifesaving drugs such as Gaballa M, a popular drug used to relieve severe neuropathic pain. This raid was widely reported in newspapers as well. 

Ajay Phatak, Drug Controller, Health Department - Jaipur further explained, “The prescription medicine Gaballa M should contain Methylcobatamin (750mg) and Gabapentin (300mg). But the fake medicines recovered contained no traces of both of the primary compounds. Medicines for diabetes, cardiac problems were also seized in the bust. These medicines were pushed for sale online at discounted prices to lure the customer via popular e-pharma portals.”

Phatak added, “These drugs are primarily supplied to senior citizens and pensioners via the cooperative pharmacies. The fake medicines can cause adverse side-affects such as cardiac arrest, heart attack and other such problems.”

Raids were conducted in Darsh Pharmaceuticals, Medlife International Pvt Ltd, Vrindavan Pharmaceuticals, Sunshine Enterprises, Thea Technologies, United Medical Agency, Agarwal Stores, Epione Med RX Pharmacy and over 22 warehouses across the state. Counterfeits of popular drugs such as Gaballa M, Atorvastatin tablets, Ramipril, Urimax D tablet, Duphaston etc., were recovered in the bust. Some of these companies are connected with online e-pharma portals and

A news report by a TV channel News Nation that covered the raids went viral on social media as well. The report claimed that these counterfeit drugs were being sold through the distribution companies’ online sites.  

These medicines were pushed into the supply chain from the states of Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab. After the bust in Rajasthan, the authorities have reportedly alerted the drug control department in Haryana & Punjab for further investigation into the matter.


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