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Increasing humidity fatal lung

Increasing humidity fatal lung

Increase in humidity levels that severely affect your lungs

Increased humidity breathing increases the risk of problems developing

Ranchi: The sudden increase in humidity levels with the introduction of the monsoon shower in the country. These are linked to problems related to breathing, such as increased levels of cough, Kras, phlegm and wheezing, which severely affected the lungs.

Pollutant causing humidity encourages a static and dust as to cause allergies And are trapped in smoke windpipe.

Critical Care and Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, Associate Director and Head, Dr Prashant Saxena, Saket Max Hospital said, "The few rainy season and create an atmosphere of joy but It seems also increases the moisture level, freezing the moss in the homes and the workplace. It can normally affects the lungs that usually cough, wheezing, promote asthma or bronchitis problems. Moreover, moist air heavy because of the amount of water is high. Heavy air body more stop long. The heavy air is required to work hard for the body to take place in the body. Therefore, the body demands more oxygen. It can feel difficult to breathe. "

Increased humidity can aggravate the symptoms of various reasons. When high levels of humidity have to work harder for the body to breathe.

COPD and increased for patients suffering from lung diseases such as asthma humidity may Nuskandaik. This can make their symptoms worse. It respiratory insufficiency and increases fatigue.

Dr Prashant Saxena said, adding that, "chronic obstructive allow pulmonary and asthma made such diseases which are difficult to breathe easy for a person. The patient in this case is required to be hospitalized. To prevent lung diseases in humid weather, drink fluids and recommended fresh fruit. Regular servicing of AC and car heater is necessary because it leaves out dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. Before going out of the house to definitely check the weather. "


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