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Haq Se Hindustan Concert in Mumbai

Haq Se Hindustan Concert in Mumbai 

Brings 10 Incredible Hip-Hop Acts From 7 Cities

on One Big Stage

The line-up features Prabh Deep, Swadesi + Bandish Projekt, Dopeadelicz, MC Manmeet Kaur, Khasi Bloodz and more

Mumbai, 6th November 2019:  This month, witness the best of Indian hip-hop on one stage at the Haq Se Hindustan concert. A truly representative showcase of the incredible diversity within hip-hop, the event on November 14th at Mumbai’s Famous Studios will feature 10 acts from 7 cities performing in 9 languages. This is the first time this spectrum of talent, which includes some of India's most talented rappers, MCs, crews, and bands, will be sharing a common stage. 

Haq Se Hindustan is a part of #HaqSeHipHop, a unique multi-platform hip-hop property launched by India's leading digital media firm Qyuki and the iconic music magazine Rolling Stone India. 



Prabh Deep (New Delhi)

Swadesi + Bandish Projekt (Mumbai/Ahmedabad)

Khasi Bloodz (Shillong)

Gubbi (Bengaluru)

Dopeadelicz (Mumbai)
MC Manmeet Kaur (Chandigarh)

MC Heam (Mumbai)

Raphopper (Amravati)

The Dharavi Dream Project (Mumbai) Zake (Mumbai) Rolling Stone India and Qyuki have been early supporters and stakeholders in India’s hip-hop ecosystem from its fledgling days, and with Haq Se Hindustan, both endeavor to give the diverse hip-hop voices in India a definitive mouthpiece they can claim as their own. 

Says Nirmika Singh, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India, “There’s so much more to Indian hip-hop than what we have seen so far, and with Haq Se Hindustan we hope to present the incredible multi-cultural expressions India has to offer across all five elements in hip-hop: from rapping, b-boying, beatboxing, DJing and graffiti. There’s no denying India is witnessing a mini-revolution in hip-hop — the established artists are consolidating their influence while the emerging talent is claiming their part.” 

The core idea behind #HaqSeHindustan is to bring to focus the true hip-hop representatives from the North, South, East, West, and North-East of India.

Samir Bangara, Co-Founder & MD, Qyuki, says, “The beauty of Indian hip-hop can be best witnessed in its linguistic and regional diversity. With Haq Se Hindustan, which is the live leg of our newly launched property #HaqSeHipHop, we want to bring as many voices into the spotlight as possible. The message is clear: hip-hop belongs to everyone. Hip-hop humara hai.” 


Qyuki is a multi-platform media network across digital, live, TV and film founded by AR Rahman, Samir Bangara and Shekhar Kapur. The company uses proprietary technology and analytics to discover and promote digital superstars and manages the end-to-end value chain for them across traditional and new media platforms. Qyuki’s contribution in nurturing budding hip-hop talent is unparalleled. Together with Universal Music, it is the co-founder of The Dharavi Dream Project(TDDP), a non-profit committed to the promotion of music and arts, which runs the After-School of Hip-Hop, Asia’s largest hip-hop institution where under-resourced artists are equipped with knowledge and skills of rap, bboying, beatboxing, DJing and graffiti 

Rolling Stone India is the Indian edition of the world’s greatest music magazine. As a pioneering publication, Rolling Stone’s credentials are incomparable and matchless, and it is the number one reference point for people to keep up with music and pop culture. Just like its global counaterparts, Rolling Stone India is committed to building a creative community through its path-breaking editorial reporting, creation of IPs, curation of events and exclusive partnerships with artists and brands alike.
Long before hip-hop attracted mainstream attention, Rolling Stone India consistently employed its editorial platform to promote talent and report every development in the scene -- the magazine was the first to famously feature emerging hip-hop talent on its cover in 2016, following it up with another cover in 2019.


#HaqSeHipHop: The multi-platform hip-hop property launched by Qyuki and Rolling Stone India is built on four pillars:

#HaqSeHindustan Concert: Multi-city gigs featuring pan-India talent from North, South, West and East and North-East.

#HaqSeBolo Podcast: The first-ever hip-hop audio and video podcast in India launched by an editorial platform, featuring a candid conversation between India’s most influential artists and Rolling Stone Executive Editor Nirmika Singh. 

#HaqSeDekho Video Series: A high-impact inspirational video series where artists share their methods, breakthroughs, hacks and more. 

#Haq SeSeekho Masterclass: Hip-hop workshops conducted by top artists at the After School of Hip-Hop run by The Dharavi Dream Project. It is Asia's largest hip-hop school where over 100 budding artists learn rapping, b-boying, beatboxing, DJing and graffiti.   

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